The Great Defattening – Week 6

The Week In Which He Was Severely Discombobulated: Suddenly – Easter!; More chocolate than sense; Your routine or your life.

The success of this diet has been based on routines and a conscious avoidance / planning for dietary-unfriendly situations. This week has been emphatically awful for those things.

In Short

Some successful gyming seems to have overcome the lacklustre dietary performance. This week I find myself at a hearty 34–34.5” on the perimeter scale.


Over the past few weeks I’ve become a creature of habit. I don’t, as a freelancer working in cafes when and where he feels like it, keep track of days, dates or holidays. Normally that works brilliantly but apparently Jesus did some stuff this time a few years back. My routine – a lynchpin of this diet – was thoroughly disrupted. And [and!] then there was a bank holiday. Eurgh.

A successful Thursday cheat day culminated in me finding out it was Easter on Sunday and that all of my planned work places for Friday were shut. Sunday arrives and the house is drowning in chocolate. Special meals are prepared, none of them diet-edible. Bugger the diet became the plan.

Monday, I discover as I walk out the door, is also a sodding bank holiday.

Simply a bad week for doing as I planned.

On the flip-side, at the gym I felt the pump of which Arnie Shwartz waxed lyrical [more commonly known as the burn]. Succesful swimming on top of that and the first inklings of stamina proved satisfying. Must be doing something right there.


A disappointing week in truth; gradual but mini-losses are somewhat unfulfilling. Fortunately I’ve got a good few months until God-stuff affects my life again. And by then I should have been sufficiently deified for my good looks to be in a position to do something about it.

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