The Great Defattening – Week 4

The Week In Which He Probably Had Super Powers: Other commitments; Bloody conferences and their bloody sandwiches; Stalked by a barista.

Probably the worst week for strictness, finding myself at a number of events without a lettuce-wrap or lentil-omelette in sight. But…

In Short

Somehow – be it through divine means or as a sign of my inner X-man – I still managed to win on the circumference circuit. Not by much, but a perplexing 34.5”–35” greeted my tape measure.


Much of this week was spent in a fine balancing act of meal staggering, knowing full well that I’d find myself starving and marooned in a sea of pizzas and beers once it hit 8 o’clock. Tuesday I attended an 8am–8pm conference; turns out they’re great believers in the sandwich lunch and pizza dinner. On that occasion and one other I anti-dieted (although in as much moderation as my whiny stomach could manage).

I felt genuinely ill. Vile. While I’m pretty certain I’m not giving myself any allergies through this diet my body has certainly adapted to expect better treatment. Correspondingly it seems to be punishing me with lethargy and ming-iness when I step too far off course.

For similar reasons my gym routine suffered. Turns out the gym shuts at 1030. Which is useless.

In other news, my daily coffee shop wench [probably a job title] noted that I looked different. Along with a similar comment from my Mum this week and Nan last week it’s pretty safe to say that my chiseled looks are starting to reappear. Possible book title: The Adonis Resurgence.


Good things are clearly happening, while bad things are making me feel just awful. With both a carrot and stick in place this ass should be looking mighty fine pretty soon.

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