The Great Defattening – Week 3

The Week In Which He Felt Good: What happened to hunger?; Gym aches; Mother’s day mini-pig; Rise & shine.

Well, the diet has pretty much become second nature. I’ve found a routine which works for me. Even started getting up at a decent time. Not bad.

In Short

A definite loss, but I can’t be sure how much: tape measuring isn’t the most accurate metric in the world (when I last ate, what time of day, when I last gym-ed etc all probably having an effect). So, with that in mind, I’m perimetering a good 35”–35.5”.


The diet has started to fade into the background: I’m actively conscious of it less and less as it becomes a habit. Feeling much happier.

I accidentally missed a meal. That does not happen. Hunger, and more importantly cravings, have become less of a big deal. Almost liberating.

Mother’s day involved a mini-cheat, but diet was outweighed by familial responsibility and maternal wishes. A few potatatoes, half a yorkshire pudding and a few slices of home-made cake.

My waking routine has been somewhat improved; early morning responsibilities and the like have given me reason to get up and my day’s have been full and long. Which is brilliant.

Slight tweaks to the gym routine: gym followed by swim for maximum exhaustion rather than separate days.


Second nature seems to have been achieved. Perhaps I should get a badge. If I can keep this up I’m tempted to do a Benjamin Franklin and move on to my next flaw. Worth considering.

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