The Great Defattening – Week 2

The Week In Which He Remained Fat: Signs of weakness; Lazy, guilt-stricken man; Sweet tooths & addiction; Looking forward.

A decidedly unimpressive turnout for the week. Looking fat and feeling like a nob.

In Short

According to the tape I haven’t budged in the least on the perimeter front. Which, due to the sheer inaccuracy of the measuring technique, may well mean I have in fact gained weight. So: still at a chubster’s unchanged 36”.


Twice this week I cheated outside of my designated cheat day. Once the day before (!?) with 3 bowls of cereal and Mars bar, once the day after with a Kinder Bueno.

Gymwise, I didn’t do much. Swam, but avoided weights. Some aching, but not enough to excuse wholesale abandonment.

The Why of Weakness

Two things.

Firstly, the cereal / Mars bar fiasco is worth noting. My intention was to have one bowl of cereal: there was no other quick food about and I was starving. But once I’d had the one bowl I could think of nothing else but more. 3 bowls later I was craving chocolate. I couldn’t work. It was… addictive. I’ve rarely felt anything like it. I was distracted by the idea of the Mars bar. And, crucially, it was available.

God knows how many cheating husbands have used that excuse.

So, looking forward, I need to bear in mind that one mistep leads to a sodding footpath of misteps.

Secondly, general outlook. This week wasn’t great – getting up late every day, barely working. By Saturday any willpower was gone; the Bueno was a great pick-me-up. I’m afraid I don’t regret that one.

Why was it a bad week? Because of the late rising? Subsequent lack of productivity feeding into a circular cycle of uselessness? Sounds about right.


Clearly not a good week. I feel very guilty about my weakness. Maybe that’ll come in useful.

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