The Great Defattening – Week 1

The Week In Which He Overflowed With Optimism: Unexpected results; Socially empowered; Multifold introspection.

One week later and there’s room for optimism. IN MY BELLY! Because I did good. More below.

In Short

Last week I found myself at a beefy 37” in rotundness; a week later an inch narrower (36”).

Hoped-for results

The experiment works as anticipated – failure is now a question of a broken word and not merely of unmotivated self-discipline. And since I care so thoroughly about my word that should continue to make me unstoppable.

Even on those occasions where, even in hindsight, I could be excused from forced lapses I have remained strong (and hungry). To quote a greater man than I: “Once you had a good excuse, you opened the door to bad excuses”.

Social Media

Much of the FB activity has disappeared. Hasn’t affected my drive in the least. Perhaps the important thing is simply putting the commitment in the public domain, rather than acknowledgement of it being there. We’ll see.

That said, the thought of women I’m attracted to seeing my unappealing chub continues to flash through my mind. Can’t discount evolution yet.

Unexpected results

Two surprising developments.

1) My cheat day was a struggle. I almost had to force myself to gorge; I even left a bit of cake. Carbohydrate related dry-mouth was even worse than usual, but that’s to be expected considering how strict I’ve been.

2) I’m eating less. Even almost skipped a meal. Truly rare.


Regarding food and the diet, not a failure in sight. Gym routine was a joy. Can’t fault myself. Also rare.

Sleeping has been less successful. I seem to have a knack for accidentally falling unconscious in the mornings. Not putting that on my CV.

Rather than choosing another arbitary time (6:53 anyone?) I’m going to attempt to sell myself on the idea of greeting the sunrise with coffee in hand. ‘Benefits not features’. We’ll see how that goes.


Do I feel good about this minor achievement? In and of itself not really; it’s an inch. But I’ve skipped the bit where I hate myself for being a weak fucker (a result of previous semi-dieting), and it’s always a joy to have a hypothesis confirmed. Let’s see what the week ahead brings.

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