The Mesh: Why the Future of Business Is Sharing

A 140 character summary: The world is now connected. Businesses can take advantage of easy access to customers, information and infrastructure to do things differently: sell access to goods, not ownership. Then win on the little things like customer service.

Mesh businesses share four characteristics: sharing, advanced use of Web and mobile information networks, a focus on physical goods and materials, and engagement with customers through social networks.

A good macro view of what makes a modern business, with some pertinent socio-political justification / explanations / calls-to-action to back it up.

As Ganski sees it, selling one thing many times – think Netflix, Spotify, Zipcar etc – is much better than old style business as usual; beyond the obvious it also gives you the means to interact with your customers time after time. In doing so you have the data and relevant opinions necessary to improve your business and run head on into serendipitous discoveries and opportunities.

Interestingly she also draws on environmental arguments (consumerism is both ridiculous, deadly and already dying post-Economic Crisis).

A real torchholder for social-driven business too.

Things I noted down

Several overlaps with Portas Review ideas: be unique, offer the best, know your stuff.

Compelling macro view of the how and why of customer service