Physics of the Future

A 140 character summary: A detailed, remarkable and justified prediction of likely technological advances over the next 100 years, and how these changes will affect humanity.

I was gifted this book by Mikhail Epstein, having read it referenced tens of times while proof-reading Epstein’s latest publication; the field of futurism was one I’d never delved into and each citation fascinated me.

Phyics of the Future is a book about how science is advancing and where its going. It’s written by a remarkable scientist, Michio Kaku, with his finger in a lot of pies. The predictions are bonkers, but I was easily convinced that they are well within the realms of possibility. Most of the crazy stuff is already happening.

New Scientist has always done a good job of blowing my mind with up-and-coming technologies, but they always seemed so distant and abstract. This book connects all the dots and lays out a roadmap for each change.

Just as intriguing are the questions Kaku asks; in a world of abundance what happens to capitalism? Will we work in the future and, if not, how will society define itself? How do we define knowledge when we can Google with our mind? What happens without mortality? The philosopher physicist is a truly intriguing phenomenon.

Things I noted down

The societal classes – working, upper, middle etc – probably aren't going to last too long. There's significant potential for advancement for the forward-thinking

What happens to God when we all have godlike powers?

I need to get some money; awesome things will become available that are life-changing.